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Marathon Talk

Presented by Martin Yelling and Tom Williams and latterly Holly Rush. Marathon Talk was the UK’s number one running podcast. Released for free every week for over 10 years. The show had over 5 million downloads with listeners across the world. The show is available on iTunes and Spotify. Marathon Talk established a trusted, credible and respected voice within the running community and was shortlisted as one of the Mixcloud 2016 industry Online Radio Awards.  Show retired January 2022 with Episode 600.  

Oct 27, 2023

Imagine your first marathon almost breaking a national record - that’s how you break onto the scene and make a statement.

Barring Paula Radcliffe’s time in London, Calli Thackery’s 2:22:11 is the UK’s best, and as she sets her sights on the Paris Olympic Games, she joins us to share the run that’s been 15 years in the making.

Elsewhere we’re gearing up for New York, as Letesenbet Geday prepares for his Majors debut, the women’s wheelchair race features four fierce frontrunners, and Marcel Hug’s lining up an unprecedented clean sweep.

In this episode of Marathon Talk:

  • 0:00 - Martin’s dinner with the stars, Deena’s joyful exploration, and the art of leaf peeping

  • 9:00 - A roundup of Deena’s induction to the New York Road Runners’ Hall of Fame, the stacked lineup for NYC, and Marcel Hug’s hunt for a clean sweep

  • 20:00 - Calli Thackery takes us through her route to running the UK’s 2nd fastest women’s marathon EVER, setting her sights on Paris, and enjoying running for what it is, rather than goal-chasing

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