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Marathon Talk

Presented by Martin Yelling and Tom Williams and latterly Holly Rush. Marathon Talk was the UK’s number one running podcast. Released for free every week for over 10 years. The show had over 5 million downloads with listeners across the world. The show is available on iTunes and Spotify. Marathon Talk established a trusted, credible and respected voice within the running community and was shortlisted as one of the Mixcloud 2016 industry Online Radio Awards.  Show retired January 2022 with Episode 600.  

Nov 18, 2022

The TCS New York City Marathon is not an easy run at the best of times, but this year’s race gave us some outstanding performances amid the gruelling, humid conditions.

One man who’ll attest to the difficulty is this week’s podcast guest, the fantastic Ben Wickham - Director of Creative Output at Sky Sports! We hear from him about his running journey, the holistic pleasures of marathoning, and how we can tell better stories within the sport.

Elsewhere, we round up the best performances from that race, a cracking fundraising debut for Ashton Kutcher, and the curious cheating tale of a tram-travelling policeman…

In this episode of Marathon Talk:

  • 0:00 - Breaking down Deena’s commentating experience in NYC, and top performances from that humid race
  • 25:30 - The most bizarre marathon cheating stories
  • 30:15 - Ben Wickham on the holistic pleasures of marathoning, what makes NYC a gruelling route, and how we can better tell the compelling stories of marathon runners
  • 58:00 - This week’s 6 questions for a 6 Star Finisher

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