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Marathon Talk

Presented by Martin Yelling and Tom Williams and latterly Holly Rush. Marathon Talk was the UK’s number one running podcast. Released for free every week for over 10 years. The show had over 5 million downloads with listeners across the world. The show is available on iTunes and Spotify. Marathon Talk established a trusted, credible and respected voice within the running community and was shortlisted as one of the Mixcloud 2016 industry Online Radio Awards.  Show retired January 2022 with Episode 600.  

Jan 13, 2023

It’s a new year, and Marathon Talk is starting strong with a record-holding star whose standout performance in Chicago set the US marathon record - Emily Sisson.


This episode is PERFECT for shaking off the post-Christmas dust, as we hear from Emily how she trains to achieve her stunning results, and Martin & Deena run through how to pick a running plan that works for you!


All this, and more on Sydney’s push to secure Kipchoge for their 2024 race, a beloved Boston canine spectator, and the close of the Age Group World Rankings.


In this episode of Marathon Talk:

  • 0:00 - Rounding up the winter break, news on Sydney’s 2024 race, and the Spencer the Golden Retriever’s latest battle
  • 13:30 - Training talk; how to find a training plan that works for you, whatever event you’re planning to build up to
  • 33:00 - US record-holder Emily Sisson on owning your training plan, how to uphold good habits, her staggering Chicago run, and buildup to the Boston Half
  • 1:02:30 - Closing out the show with some final tips on maintaining motivation in the dark, cold, rainy months


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