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Marathon Talk

Presented by Martin Yelling and Tom Williams and latterly Holly Rush. Marathon Talk was the UK’s number one running podcast. Released for free every week for over 10 years. The show had over 5 million downloads with listeners across the world. The show is available on iTunes and Spotify. Marathon Talk established a trusted, credible and respected voice within the running community and was shortlisted as one of the Mixcloud 2016 industry Online Radio Awards.  Show retired January 2022 with Episode 600.  

Mar 27, 2013

We hear from the World Cross Country Championships, we speak to Diane Adkins, Steve Way, Jaz Banergh and Sophie Raworth, Jantastic enters its final weeks, we've got Tony's Trials, a freezing cold video of the week and a super speedy co-host all the way from Boulder.

Mar 20, 2013

Just 2 weeks to go in Jantastic. We've both been running flat out. There is some news about blogs, fast fields, inspiring winners and drop outs. Yuki runs a PB, again. Tom speaks to the 103% age graded Libby James. Training Talk covers racing in marathon build up. Tony brings us his trials. You rate your runs and the...

Mar 13, 2013

We speak to Team GB 2012 Paralympic Gold Medallist Richard Whitehead and Professor Andrew Lane, the Jantastic performances roll in, there's a Japanese Olympian on the comeback trail and a British Olympian taking time out. The England Commonwealth standards cause controversy, the Gaza marathon is cancelled, there's...

Mar 6, 2013

There is news from the world of running including Olympic champs car crash and Boston champ becomes Kenyan MP. Races in Bath, Biwa and Silverstone. The second four weeks of Jantastic 2013 is complete, we announce winners of Adidas goody bags and enter the final four weeks, Marchvellous. We have got the second part of...