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Marathon Talk

Presented by Martin Yelling and Tom Williams and latterly Holly Rush. Marathon Talk was the UK’s number one running podcast. Released for free every week for over 10 years. The show had over 5 million downloads with listeners across the world. The show is available on iTunes and Spotify. Marathon Talk established a trusted, credible and respected voice within the running community and was shortlisted as one of the Mixcloud 2016 industry Online Radio Awards.  Show retired January 2022 with Episode 600.  

Oct 28, 2015

We have part two of our interview with American marathoning legend Bill Rodgers. There was some fast times at the Frankfurt Marathon and a Rio qualifier for Scot Callum Hawkins. Jo Pavey sets another record. A Kenyan gets caught out and there is trouble afoot for UKAD and some website gremlins have been visiting us.


Oct 21, 2015

Martin speaks to US marathoning legend Bill Rodgers, Tony commits to get fit, Tom Potson announces the winners of the Stockport 10 competition, Dan Afshar updates us on the new MT kit, you rock your old MT kit all around the world, the Jabra Podium is fast and full, the Listener Launch Pad rolls through Halloween...

Oct 14, 2015

On this week’s show we speak to recent UK all time women’s marathoner 7th placer Sonia Samuels. We’ve both been to York for the Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon. There were no rabbits in Chicago this past weekend.  Steve Jones has been speaking out.  You rate your run, send in your tee shirt pictures and stand proud on...

Oct 7, 2015

We have part two of our interview with sleep guru Kirk Parsley, news from the Chester and Bournemouth marathons, some brilliant images of you guys rocking your Marathon Talk kit all around the world, parkrun celebrates its 11th birthday, the Jabra Podium is rammed to the rafters, Training Talk is all about...